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The Farm

Day Creek & the farm land that Cedar Sprigs sits on.


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Skagit Valley

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The Farm

The grounds upon which Cedar Springs now stands have a rich history, originally inhabited by the Coast Salish tribes. These indigenous peoples, known as 'those who climb the high bank,' resided near the mouth of Day Creek. During the wet seasons, as the lowlands flooded, they sought refuge on higher ground, constructing their winter longhouses.

Today, Cedar Springs is nestled on nearly 50 acres of secluded farm land. The landscape offers a diverse habitat, featuring meadows, gardens, wetlands, & the beautiful Day Creek. This region in the Skagit River Valley provides a mesmerizing landscape adorned with ever-changing light and panoramic mountain vistas, inviting all who tread upon this sacred soil to become part of the timeless narrative.

Day Creek

Flowing gently through Cedar Springs’ sprawling farm, Day Creek is a shimmering thread that weaves its way through the landscape, imparting a sense of timeless serenity. As you stroll along the creek's banks, the soothing melodies of babbling water accompany your journey, inviting you to pause & immerse yourself in the symphony of rustling leaves & harmonious bird songs that echo through the air. The water's gentle dance beneath the dappling sunlight creates a meditative ambiance, gifting moments of reflection & connection with the land. Whether you choose to dip your toes in its cool embrace or stack & balance stones, Day Creek is a testament to the profound beauty found in the simple & natural elements that surround us here at Cedar Springs.


Situated less than 30 minutes east of Mt. Vernon and Burlington, 90 minutes north of Seattle, and just an hour's drive south of Bellingham, WA, this locale can be found to the east of Sedro-Woolley, aptly known as the 'Gateway to the North Cascades.

Skagit Valley
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