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Nan & Michael

Meet the owners of Cedar Springs

Our Story

Read a letter from Nan & Michael about how the lodge came to be.

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Meet the Owners
Nan & Michael

Nan & Michael

With hearts as open as the sky and a philosophy rooted in the wisdom of the Earth, Nan & Michael have been giving people from all walks of life the opportunity to experience what unfolds within these sacred grounds for nearly 20 years. Having journeyed through the ebb and flow of life with love and acceptance, they designed the lodge to be a canvas for connection, growth, & transformation for kindred spirits seeking sanctuary. They are the heart & soul of Cedar Springs, giving the lodge life full of love, laughter, & harmony.

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Our Story
How a Dream Manifests

For some, it happens slowly. Others with a stroke of grace. But in our case, it was both.

Before embarking on our journey with the farm, we immersed ourselves in leading healing workshops, supporting couples and individuals facing challenges, including those dealing with cancer. Among them, were James and Margaret Tierney, a truly endearing couple. They came to us with a proposal to assist us in acquiring a farm in order to expand our reach to those in need. Little did they know, their generosity would be how we manifested our dream.


For years, Michael and I envisioned a healing center nestled in a natural landscape, bathed in abundant light and surrounded by open space, where people could find their new beginnings. In 2001, our quest began and the perfect place serendipitously found us. Stepping onto the land, we sensed its healing power and envisioned the transformation of a century-old dairy barn into what would become known as Cedar Springs Renewal Center.


With the collective effort of many, the 6000-square-foot barn underwent retrofitting. Two years of dedicated work culminated in the opening of our doors in 2004, welcoming those seeking holistic well-being of body, mind, and spirit. Honored by hundreds who participated in our renewal programs, we created a space where wellness thrived.


As life naturally evolves, so did our journey. By 2010, a new chapter unfolded, transitioning the lodge from a healing retreat center to a haven for various gatherings. Today, our mission is to extend hospitality and warmth to diverse groups, offering a peaceful retreat in the embrace of nature.

Family reunions, artistic retreats, ceremonial events, weddings, and extraordinary musical gatherings now fill the lodge. The work of healing and inclusivity continues on a greater scale, with the land itself providing deep peace and renewal. Our gratitude extends to those who contributed unique gifts, making this place more beautiful and better with each passing day.

We express our profound thanks to the guests and friends who have created communities here, providing us with reasons to keep our doors open and hospitality flowing. Special acknowledgment goes to the founders who persist in supporting the vision of healing and transformation in our setting and beyond.


To our Creator, who inspires dreams and grants us opportunities to manifest them, we give thanks every day. May our story serve as inspiration for others on their journeys.

Peace and all good wishes,

Nan and Michael

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